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The Song Family Dynasty, Book 1

Garrett Song understands his duties to his Korean-American family and their business. An arranged marriage, however, is not one of them. When his grandmother, the family’s matriarch, gives him an ultimatum to marry a Korean heiress or lose the CEO seat, he must take back his life without anyone losing face. Garrett finds his solution when Natalie Sobol, his no nonsense HR Director, asks him for a favor. She needs his money and influence to adopt her orphaned niece, and he needs a discreet and trustworthy partner for a marriage of convenience. The plan is perfect until love enters the game.

The Song Family Dynasty, Book 2

Being friends with the new CEO is great for Michael Reynolds… until he’s tasked with helping manage Garrett’s younger sister, Adelaide. He’s always found her frighteningly attractive, but refuses to risk both his career and relationship with his best friend for her, especially as the family matriarch would never approve. Little does he know that the reason Adelaide is determined to develop her own charity is to prove to him that she’s no longer the little sister figure he’s always treated her as.

The Song Family Dynasty, Book 3

Colin Song has fallen hard for Jihae Park, but given that his cousin jilted her when he refused to go through with their arranged marriage, she was humiliated and now has no desire to give another Song man a chance. Besides, she was meant to be with Garrett, and surely his grandmother wouldn’t approve. But Colin’s determined to show her that he’s her perfect match.

Work-in-Progress (“WIP”)

A SWEET MESS, Romcom Book 1

Small town baker Aubrey Choi loves her secluded country life, but a cake mix-up and a jaded food critic threaten all her hard work and her livelihood.

Celebrity food critic, Landon Kim, never writes a second review, but he refuses to allow a misunderstanding to ruin a talented baker.

The fix? Take her to California’s beautiful wine country to guest star in a food show and reveal her genius to the world. Love is the last thing on their minds, but it’s all their hearts could feel.