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Tenacious or Obstinate?

In this post, I tackle Jennifer Probst’s question: “Have you ever quit on a book?”

Hmm… That’s a hard one to answer.  I want to say… no.

I’ve completed two manuscripts, which were well-received by a couple publishers. While working on rewrites with the editors, I was advised to begin the second book in the series for both books, and I ended up writing three chapters to three different manuscripts. Months ago.  I haven’t finished any of them.

The rewrites of my first two manuscripts got seriously intense, taking me several months each. Those books are still being considered, which means the sequels could still be written. Then again, if the first book doesn’t get picked up, do I want to write the rest of the series?

No, I haven’t quit on a book. I have three works-in-progress (“WIP”) in limbo while I wait for the fate of the first two books. Whatever the outcome, I would like to finish those WIP’s (probably as stand alone novels). I mean, I have three couples waiting for their HEA’s. I can’t just abandon them!

But I can’t get “stuck.” Being tenacious and reaching The End is a crucial test in knowing whether you have it in you to be a writer or not. But if you’re pursuing writing as your profession then I think finishing a manuscript just for the purpose of finishing it is being a bit obstinate. At this point in my career, I need a backup book to query in case my first two manuscripts don’t sell. When I feel I’ve exhausted the traditional publishing route for those books then I need to start considering self-publishing, which is a whole other story.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on something new. I intend to enjoy every minute of writing a crappy first draft. It truly is the most crazy, creative and fun part of being an author. I can’t wait for the new journey. Someone wise once said, “Write drunk. Edit sober.” Hehehe. It’s hard work but somebody’s gotta do it.

So… it’s not goodbye to my three WIP’s. It’s see you again.

Don’t Mope. Celebrate!

In the next exercise in “Write Naked,” Jennifer tells her readers not to let the green eyed monster strangle you. She encourages us to celebrate every accomplishment, big and small.

Writing truly is not a contest. Another’s success isn’t your loss. I think most of us in the romance writing community already get that. Really get that. That’s why it’s such a supportive and uplifting group. I am currently in the dumps. Major major dumps. And I already know what my mentor, beta readers, critique partners, and writer friends will tell me.

“You. Are. Amazing. Do not forget that.”

I’ve been writing novels for the past two years or so. I completes two category length contemporary romance in about seven months. I’ve been revising and rewriting those two books for the past year and a half. And learning. Learning so so much. I started a new MS a couple weeks ago, and I hope to apply what I’ve learned about the craft to write an awesome book. And I hope every subsequent book is more awesomer than the prior.

So here are some things I’m proud of in my writing journey:

  1. I sat down and wrote a romance novel in two months.
  2. Then I wrote another book in five months.
  3. My 1st MS was requested by an awesome publisher and went all the way to the acquisition stage.
  4. My 2nd MS was requested by my dream publisher, underwent a revise and rewrite, and made it to the senior editor’s desk. She ultimately passed but gave me a detailed feed back and much encouragement.
  5. My 1st and 2nd MS’s also were favorited by multiple agents and editors in the #PitMad Twitter contests I entered. This led to multiple partial and full MS requests.
  6. My 2nd MS underwent down-to-the-studs R&R for two months, cutting and rewriting at least 25% of the book. Twice.
  7. My new and improved 2nd MS has made it to yet another acquisition stage. Results of the acquisition meeting is still up in the air. I actually don’t know if the meeting has been set or has gone forwards. YES, I’M GOING CRAZY WITH THE WAIT! Always the wait.
  8. I haven’t given up. I still love writing. It is my passion and my dream.

In conclusion, I am so very blessed. Writing books that could uplift others is a privilege and an honor, and I intend to write many, many books for that amazing privilege.

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