It’s been a long, long time since by last post. I was shocked to see that I haven’t posted since April 2018. I think this blog post will be for me, as well as, all you awesome folks reading it.

So this happened in April 2018.

I had been working on an MS with an editor for nine-months at that point, and it was going to happen. Acquisition board loved my story and voice. An incredible, passionate editor was championing my MS. It was going to happen.

It didn’t happen.

After nine-months of edge-of-my-seat excitement and torture, the final answer I got was a NO because the publisher stopped acquiring marriage of convenience (“MOC”) tropes at the very moment my MOC story was about to “make¬†it.”

April 2018 wasn’t all bad. I was devastated but I scraped myself off the ground and submitted my story to another publisher as well as agents. Then I went back to feeling sorry for myself for a wee bit.

Mid-2018 was a blur. I was ensnared by a book idea one night and became obsessed with it. It reminded me why I loved writing so much and let me move on from the too-close rejection.

Then in October 2018, this happened…

Harlequin Desire made me a three-book offer based on my MOC manuscript!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Then Sarah Younger of Nancy Yost Literary Agency became my agent. Agent! I have an agent! A great, freaking fantastic agent!

The entire month of October was spent with me repeating, “Wait… WHAT?”

By the end of October, I was tossed around by the winds of deadlines until I landed here in January 2019.

I revised my romcom and submitted it to my agent on January 15th. Let’s get submitting!!!

Desire Book 1 was revised and submitted to my editor today. Woohoo!!!

And now I’m starting Desire Book 2 featuring a Korean-American heroine who is fun, complex and all-around awesome. Writing a new story is so fun and exhilarating. My three-month experience in the traditional publishing world has been a whirlwind of joy, disbelief, stress, and excitement.

But for now, I’m back where I should be. Writing.